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Five Good Reasons Cancer Patients Should Receive Massage

Independent massage therapists like me, as well as many Cancer Centers are now offering massage therapy as a complementary treatment for cancer.

Massage will not cure cancer, but is used as a method of helping with symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment.

Massage can easily and safely be integrated into traditional care and can be received before, during and after chemo, radiation and surgery.

Massage has many benefits for people living with cancer. This information is based on what clients tell me directly as well as studies done on Massage for Cancer Patients.

1. Massage Reduces Anxiety

Many clients report being less anxious when they receive regular massage. Those in cancer treatment state that massage eases anxiety before and during uncomfortable procedures. Some schedule their massage the day before a procedure or a chemo infusion because they find it helps them stay calm.

2. Massage Eases Pain

Clients who receive massage therapy say they have less cancer-related pain, treatment-related pain and pain due to muscle tension. Massage helps reduce the level of acute pain and for some, relieve it entirely.

3. Massage Helps Control Nausea

Gentle-touch massage has been shown to reduce nausea in patients in the hospital receiving bone marrow transplant. My clients tell me the nausea is reduced following their massage. I conclude that the entire body relaxes allowing for better digestion.

4. Massage Improves Sleep and Eases Fatigue

Clients tell me that massage eases fatigue and improves energy level allowing them to do a few tasks they were previously unable to complete. This increase in activity not only allows them to do things they want to do, it helps them sleep better. Outcomes of therapeutic massage for hospitalized cancer patients.

5. Massage Helps Relieve Depression

Research shows that massage may help relieve depression in cancer patients. My clients tell me they "feel better" following a massage which helps with depression that could be associated with cancer treatment.

Are you suffering from cancer-treatment side effects?

My goal is to help you lead a healthier, happier, more relaxed life.

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