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This Is Your Body And Brain On Coronavirus News
You may notice that after reading one too many articles about coronavirus your body starts to feel a bit off. Perhaps your heart races or your breath quickens. Maybe you feel restless or jittery, experience trouble falling asleep at night, or have vivid nightmares .
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16
How To Tell If You Need To Start Doing Online Therapy
Notice any self-destructive behaviors If you re engaging in consistent self-destructive behaviors and the pattern keeps repeating itself, it s a sign that you need to get some help, said Gregg Jantz , a therapist and founder of the mental health facility The Center A Place of Hope.
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16
14 Small Self-Care Tips That Will Make A Big Difference During The Coronavirus
During crisis, self-care is often the first to go and the last to integrate back into our lives, San Diego therapist Jennifer Chappell Marsh told HuffPost. Perhaps you ve been neglecting self-care because you think it s selfish to focus on yourself when so many others are struggling. In reality, taking care of yourself will help you show up for those who need you. Focusing on personal needs isn t ...
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16
Why We Crave Human Touch, And How To Manage Without It
Psychotherapist Lucy Beresford added that we crave touch because it plays a fundamental role in our very existence.
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16
The Long-Term Effects Social Distancing May Have On Mental Health
2. Anxiety over going out and potentially, agoraphobia may become a lot more common We ll likely see increased rates of anxiety, with more and more of us worried about our health and safety going back out in public again. If coronavirus gets worse or if we face another novel virus in the future will I get sick Will my family get sick
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16
How To Cope With Not Being Able To See Your Parents For A Long Time
The COVID-19 pandemic has left many adults feeling isolated as they physically distance from friends , partners and family members. As time passes, some are finding that the hardest part is the separation from their parents .
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16