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A new compression sock with a 3 in 1 proprietary fabric and weave

Location: San Jose, CA 95116
Description: We've created an advanced textile polyfiber compression sock.

This is one of our most popular socks. It’s a great for people standing and working on their feet all day.

The compression sock comes in 10-12 mmHg and 18-20 mmHg. And we use synthetic and a wool (Al Paca + Merino) which comes in a medium and heavy weight.

​Imagine if there were a sock that really performed.

Here is how it’s different:

Blocks out and shields bad foot odor with 100% all natural antibacterials
Fibers refresh after washes to last longer and maintain consistent fit
Fibers placed over the ‘hot’ areas of the foot help reduce blisters
Moisture management, evaporative powers that keep feet dry
Reduced risk of blisters by maintaining an environment that helps protect against blisters
Slips into and out of the tightest boot with ease (sock with PTFE)
Adapts to the activity, so no need to change socks.

​The fabric, weave, antibacterial properties, ​free of ​metals, durability​,​ the whole 9.

It's breathable, comfortable and anti-bacterial.

Currently, we're working with practices, clinics and hospitals as partners.

Click here to see the catalog:


If you'd be interested in trying them out just send me a message or email me.

Thank you, Victor
Posted On: Wednesday, October 7, 2020
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