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Andrew Wolfe, LMP, MMS

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Professional Massage Therapist since 1987
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Professional massage therapist since 1987. Prior owner of Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy. Currently serving out call (mobile massage) only staring October 2015 .Serving Stanwood, Arlington,Smokey Point and Marysville WA.
Advanced training in the US and in China; training beyond the industry standard. Muscle and skeletal dysfunctions treated, rotator cuff tears, thoracic outlet syndrome,carpal tunnel syndrome,bursitis, tennis elbow, ACL and knee dysfunction. Founder and creator of Myo Movement Integration Therapy ®. Myo movement integration therapy (MMIT) is a soft tissue manual (massage) therapy technique involving the mobilization and manipulation of the soft tissue and surrounding structures (attachments-ligaments, tendons and joints) with the use of myofascial release therapy, manual traction, trigger point, joint mobilization, remedial massage therapy and stretching. It also incorporates self empowerment tools and skills to allow the patient to become personally empowered by understanding patterns of dysfunctions. 
Prior owner of Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy.
Strong,reliable healthcare."Compassionate care,tough on pain.

Amazing results
“Dear Andrew.
So much improvement in the jaw, amazing!!!!!!
Your treatments have assisted this old body to mend and improve, where it would not have found this path otherwise.
I truly appreciate all your knowledge and efforts into new territory of posture, physical health, and mental outlook.
The pain over the winter was most humbling, and the appreciating for renewed health is inspiring.
Andrew Wolfe has advanced skill and training in the massage therapy field. Advanced myofascial release therapy, Advanced Medical Qigong (training in a Beijing Chinese hospital 1997-1999) and has a Masters in metaphysics (thesis on mind body medicine).Certified life coach.
Founder and creator of Myo Movement Integration Therapy ®. He is an active participate in life." I study and experience life with openness and with an optimistic outlook on life. I have been told I am very knowledgeable, not just about massage therapy but how the body works in other fuller expressions of life,spirituality, nutrition and personal growth. I incorporate many skills and tools in my trade, not only for my own benefit but for my patient's willingness participation as well. I do not ascribe to be a know-it-all, or anything other than a seeker and pupil of life's adventure."
Practice Areas
 Massage Therapy  Myofascial Release
 Bodywork  Neuromuscular Massage
 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Issues  Sports Massage
 Deep Tissue Massage  Swedish Massage
 Medical Massage
 Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
Spectrum Center School of Massage,Lake Stevens WA 1987
Dept. of Health State of Washington Licensed Massage Practitioner; 1987
Masters in Metaphysics, Cail. 1998
Advance Chinese Medical QiGong, Beijing China 1999
Certified Life Coach, American University of Neuro Linguistic Programmers
American Massage Therapy
Payments Accepted
cash and checks. Starting October 2015 out call (mobile massage only).
License:MA00003791; Washington State
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Phenomenal results
"Andrew Wolfe is without question the best massage therapist that has worked with me. After a serious motor vehicle accident, Andrew helped to bring my upper body into perfect mobility. The emphasis was on breaking down scar tissue and focusing on the area of injury. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for rehabilitation --- since the results I experienced were phenomenal". Holly Lyman

"The Best in Snohomish County"
Friday, July 24, 2009

“I am honored to have known Andrew for over 20 yrs. His services are truly amazing and his knowledge of injuries and how the body heals is remarkable, he has helped me manage severe pain from many injuries throughout my life and I continue to be a patient of his, so if your looking for an outstanding Licensed Massage Therapist who knows much more than just massage therapy then by all means go see Andrew and you will surely be back year after year..
Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy is recommended for all, so go ahead what are you waiting for call him today and see for yourself he is the "Best". “
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