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Marjorie Hope Gross, A.A.S., C.P., P.L.C.

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Depressed? Anxious? Confused? Problems keeping you up at night? Talking to someone that can understand this difficult time in your life might be exactly what you need. We know, first hand, that the days and nights during these times can feel like you are on a roller-coaster, feeling overwhelmed and scared.

Everywhere in our existence… with our families, our health, at work, and in our communities we face countless unexpected challenges. Many of these come about suddenly and without warning, while others creep up on us slowly. We are able to move through some of these challenges with relative ease. In the case of others however we find ourselves feeling stuck.

None of us are exempt from having to deal with difficulties and hurdles. All of us want to know how to deal with these challenges more effectively and efficiently in our ever changing and increasingly complex world. We can help you live a more satisfied life no matter what difficulties you encounter. Holistic Counseling invites people along an optimistic path by turning tragedy into challenge, encouraging movement forward and appreciating strengths and resources. All of this is accomplished through collaborative conversations. It is through our relationships that all things are possible.

Techniques are co-created and evolve from your needs, strengths and interests. Using the principles of Psychosynthesis as a basis for my work, I approach the therapy process as a “partnership” between myself and my clients. Working as a guide, I strive to enable each person to navigate through a comprehensive approach towards self-realization and the development of their full potential in their own unique and individual way. Safely explore your personal Truth.
I have been involved in the areas of personal growth, counseling and self-help techniques for over 30 years as a teacher, student and practitioner. My scope has included traditional and non-traditional forms of psychotherapy, re-evaluation counseling as well Buddhist-based philosophies. My counseling work is based on the Psychosynthesis theory, which honors the whole person.

Psychosynthesis is a philosophy for living, a set of principles and a dynamic, open-ended approach to personal and transpersonal integration and synthesis. Wherever applied, Psychosynthesis seeks to enable the person or group to discover and take the next step toward greater inner freedom and responsible expression in the world. The Psychosynthesis process prepares one to choose consciously to cooperate with a natural growth and unfoldment, which leads to order and harmony within the individual and in society.

“My goal for myself and everyone I work with is to become indestructibly happy from within - to realize our creative potential, increase our ability to function harmoniously in the modern world, improve the quality of all our relationships, and to do what we want to do when we tune into our innermost sense of self and purpose.  I live my life based on the philosophy that every obstacle is an opportunity to grow and learn”.
Practice Areas
 Counseling / Therapy  Eating Disorders  Online / Phone / Skype Therapy
 Anger Management  Gay or Lesbian Issues  Pre and Postpartum Mental Health
 Anxiety and Panic  Grief and Loss  Relationship Issues
 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)  Life and Wellness Coaching  Self Esteem Issues
 Body Image Issues  Life Transitions  Seniors and Elder Care Issues
 Caregiver Issues  Loneliness  Stress Management
 Chronic Illness  Marriage & Family Therapy  Trauma and PTSD
 Couples Therapy  Marriage Counseling  Women's Issues
 Depression  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder  Work and Career Issues
 Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
Certified Psychosynthesist, The Synthesist Center - Amherst, MA.
Payments Accepted
Cash, Check
Hours:Monday - Friday by appointment
Cost/Session:Sliding scale based on income.
License:NYS 062-44-6603
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Morgaen Hansen. 9/14/2010
If you are ready to improve the way you look at the world, and to make every 'today' a whole lot better, then it's time to meet and work with Marjorie. She helped me so much; with her support, I was able to take some old negative habits and thoughts and turn them all around for something much, much better. I am much lighter now, and am able to find joy everywhere I look. I credit that to my own efforts and Marjorie's guidance. Don't miss this chance to make your life a whole lot brighter!
Carol Kaminsky. 9/13/2010
I would highly recommend Marjorie as a therapist. I found Marjorie during an anxious and confusing time in my life. Through her patience, understanding and true care for me, she helped me see my situation in a new light. I have grown immensely and changed my life for the positive with her assistance. Marjorie has given me tools that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. What an amazing experience with a wonderful person! Her office space and personality are calm, supportive and comforting — Marjorie has been a joy to work with!
Denise Massman. 9/10/2010
I have appreciated the time I have spent with Marjorie. I have felt free to discuss anything I need without judgement. She has guided me to realistic goals and given me tools to help me go through my difficulties. I feel more clear, more confident and more informed about the choices and actions I take. She reminds me to create my life and to stay on track with what I need. My sessions with Marjorie have been an important element to my success and strength. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
Lisa Alexander. 9/9/2010
Marjorie has not only been a wonderful therapist, she has been a wonderful support system during a very difficult time in my life. She embodies compassion and a true understanding for her clients. With guidance and steady encouragement, Marjorie creates a safe environment so whatever life decisions and work one needs to do, the space is given to do so in one’s own time. If you are looking for a more holistic approach to therapy, I recommend Marjorie to be your therapist.
Kate Laity. 9/9/2010
Marjorie is creative, flexible, thoughtful and insightful. My work with her helped me to find the path I had lost and to let go of useless baggage I had continued to carry with me. I found her focus on the here and now refreshing; too often we are unable to reconcile the past and spend too much time hoping or worrying about the future. I still honour the past and plan for the future, but I live right now -- happily.
Sandy Gottehrer. 9/8/2010
Marjorie is an amazing therapist. She gets to the heart of an issue and then guides you and gives you the tools to grow past any limitations you feel you have.
She is compassionate and accessible. She has a great sense of humor and is the best cheerleader you could ask for.
I would highly recommend Marjorie if you are ready to move forward and have a lot of support doing so.
Kelly Meyer. 9/8/2010
I highly recommend Marjorie Gross as a therapist! She's a careful and considerate listener who actively encourages her customers to say what's on their mind, and provides a warm, relaxing environment conducive to honest expression. In my experience, Marjorie listens to what her interlocutors have to say, and helps them to draw productive conclusions without, however, imposing her own point of view. Many of her suggestions continue to resonate with me to this day, and helped me to work through some difficult career issues.
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