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Todd Atkins, MSW, LCSW
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Practice Information:
I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist and believe most long-term problematic patterns of thinking and feeling have their origins in childhood experiences. People who've experienced trauma, abandonment, neglect or abuse in their family background carry it forward in some way. Unfortunately, the remaining effects are usually unconscious, surrounded by defenses and therefore difficult to access or change on your own. Perhaps you had a parent who was addicted or had a personality disorder or there was a death or painful divorce. If you'd like to resolve your issues at the deepest root level, give me a call.

I work with individuals and couples. We build rapport and trust in the therapeutic relationship and then work toward insight and change through a collaborative process. Focus is given to interpretation and connection of unconscious motives and unresolved conflicts. I recommend sessions once weekly in order to experience maximum benefit.

Through experience and research, I have come to trust in insight as critically important for success in therapy--seeing and understanding the deeper unconscious dynamics of troubling symptoms. This is a far more helpful and lasting cure than merely "getting rid" of the symptoms as in cognitive-behavioral therapy models.

My specialties include treating people with personality disorders, and loved ones and family members who are affected by them. I also work with couples and people having relationship problems. In most cases, I've found it essential to commit to a longer-term therapy process as my experience has been that there are no "quick fixes". I place emphasis on accurate empathy, that is--understanding each person I work with from their perspective, standing in their shoes. The therapeutic relationship is a healing relationship that facilitates repair, resolution, and growth.

Another interesting aspect of the counseling process is to identify psychological defenses and help disarm them so you can feel comfortable being vulnerable and open in your sessions.

For more information about me, my approach to therapy and counseling, and what to expect at your first visit, please contact me.
Todd Atkins is a seasoned Baton Rouge therapist who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has eight years of counseling experience in Baton Rouge. Todd's undergraduate education is in psychology, and he earned his Master of Social Work from Louisiana State University in 1996. Todd has a broad and diverse range of clinical counseling experience and three years of doctoral education. He's also taught social work courses at the undergraduate and graduate level at LSU for three years.
Practice Areas:
 Counseling / Therapy
 Addiction / Drug Rehab
 Anger Management
 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Issues
 Couples Therapy
 Family Conflict
 Grief and Loss
 Group Therapy
 Marriage & Family Therapy
 Marriage Counseling
 Relationship Issues
 Self Esteem Issues
 Trauma and PTSD
 Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA) - LSU 1991
Masters of Social Work (MSW) - LSU 1996
Licensed Clinical Social Worker #4352
Payments Accepted:
Cash, credit/debit cards, hsa cards
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