Marta Hatter, LCSW

Peak Performance

Begin improving your performance to become a high-performing individual. EMDR Therapy is implemented to help clients reach Peak Performance and can be used effectively to increase self-confidence, positive feelings and behaviors, and to meet goals. It can be used to increase success and strengthen one's inner resources, creativity enhancement and core resilience. Improve your Peak Performance and achieve your potential!

Performance Anxiety
Performance Anxiety occurs when anxiety/nervousness interferes with the ability to do our best.
Athletic Performance Anxiety
Athletic Performance Anxiety is often referred to as a "slump." This occurs when thoughts/emotions/distractions prohibit the athlete from doing his or her best. At times a slump may follow a negative experience or not having "your head in the game."
Test or Exam Anxiety
Test Anxiety may cause an individual to thought-block and score poorly in spite of knowing the material.
Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of Public Speaking may keep an employee or student from performing well and achieving his or her goals. Peak Performance Therapy may significantly reduce Job Interview Stress.
Stage Fright
Stage Fright can sabotage very talented individuals and compromise their ability to perform.
Emergency Responder Stress
Emergency Responder Stress may cause workers to experience a block to doing their best on the job following traumatic situations.

Real Life Success Stories

He was the quarterback and star of the team. He threw a long pass anticipating a win against their biggest rival. Shockingly, the ball was intercepted and the other team ran the whole field for the winning touchdown. Disappointed and embarrassed, his performance became mediocre and his anxiety high. Following EMDR Peak Performance treatment, he had his best season and best stats ever.

She thought-blocked for each licensing exam. After three failures, depressed and humiliated, she made an appointment. After EMDR Peak Performance treatment, she passed her exam and is currently employed in her profession.

The unthinkable happened; this well-known actor developed stage fright and panic attacks in spite of successful performances and fame. EMDR Peak Performance treatment cleared his mental blocks, unleashed his potential, and he returned to a flourishing career.
Remove Blocks

During Peak Performance Therapy we will remove blocks to achievement, build mental strengths and resources. Self-defeating behaviors, attitudes and beliefs can be modified and replaced with high-functioning behaviors, perspectives and beliefs. You can remove blocks caused by past failure. The first step in performance enhancement therapy is to define your goals, and any limit or ceiling you are encountering. Identify stress, blocks, fears. What are your strengths? Where do you want to be, when? What factors are slowing you in reaching your goals, or what could speed your success?
For Athletes, Business Leaders, and More

Peak Performance Therapy has impacted personal stories of great athletes, performers, business people and leaders, you hear about individuals returning from defeat. Even the strongest among us have undergone some challenges. Recoveries from injury or traumatic experience may cause performance blocks, begin Peak Performance Therapy now.
The Power of EMDR

Peak performance, or "performance enhancement" takes EMDR's power and removes negative beliefs, enabling new programming in the mind, strengthening the physiological sensations and visualization of the desired performance.
It can be difficult to imagine a positive future when negativity has dominated one's thinking, emotions and behaviors. The goal of this therapy is that the devastating effects of negative feelings, thoughts and behaviors will be transformed into positive programming and more vibrant health and well-being.

Note that research results don't yet support all the ways that individual therapists use EMDR in their practice. Please ask your therapist to tell you about their training and successes with clients. Read more about the current research and the efficacy of EMDR ( Peak Performance can enhance and "install" positive programming for future tasks, challenges and performances. It can increase creativity, enthusiasm, self-confidence, and quality of work performance. You will move beyond your current best to higher levels. And you will find that these techniques “pre-program” your brain, allowing you to focus exclusively on the task or performance itself.