Lisa Bahar, MA, LMFT, LPCC

September Self-Improvement Month by Lisa Bahar

Self esteem comes from loving and knowing who you are and what you stand for. When you know what you stand for and why, it produces an inner confidence.

Improving our self-esteem improves who we are and what we can become. The first step is to set a goal to improve self esteem by wanting to create more. By imagining yourself with greater self esteem you become empowered. When you imagine greater self-esteem, think of the values you are representing and how you are demonstrating those values. It's not necessarily about what you say, but about what you are doing and how you are carrying yourself. Self -esteem is not something that can be faked because people can feel your positive, or negative, inner energy. Growth comes from confidence in the face of insecurity, a willingness to create a self care plan to address the insecurity, and learning from mistakes.

Create a self-care plan by identifying how to keep your values as part of your daily routine. Take small, reasonable steps towards a long term goal that you imagine embodies self esteem and empowerment. Ironically, the fact that you already want to strengthen your self esteem and live an empowered life is demonstrating YOUR value of it, which is creating it as you think it! Now here is the most challenging part and yet the fun of it all, take a moment to enjoy you, lets face it you are pretty amazing, don’t you think?