Liza Lichtinger, MS, MHC, NCC, PCC

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Tools for InterConnected Recovery

A Healthy Balance and Sustainable Mindful Living Series Group
In our times, we have seen not only the great truths man has channeled and delivered, yet the creation man has the capacity to carry out. The ability to create comes with great responsibility, and if done carelessly or without education, caring (educating), and proper preservation, one may become stuck. The lesson is about patience, about doing the work, about metta, about the enigma that we all are, about taking responsibility for our own actions, each an every one of them. Phillip Collins, has written his latest books touching on such principles which guide the human being to carefully create instead of recklessly creating {the group opens and closes with a quote form Phillip's most recent publication The Happiness Handbook}. We each start with our words, our thoughts, and our behaviors. Each build upon the other, they create patterns, the patterns may be quite beautiful, rituals and often routines in daily professional life, they also may be filled with thoughts preventing us from the gift of presence. We live in a tactile world, and often need reminders of who we are in fact and what we are here to do, and why we are even doing it. Each version of the human being is given their choice on a ship, there are storms and waves which place us on or off our course, yet we remain the captain given the ability to decide to shift or to remain with what they came into this world with. Many stay in their comfort zone, and depending on what that zone is, it may not always be necessary to leave it… yet the impotence of this message is the fact that there are factors that we forget from time to time. This is about remembering. Although we do not always see or feel, there is always a truth there, when we allow it to arise, there is always a teacher awaiting us, and it may show itself, revealing in any form.

In the words of William Blake "what is now proved was once only imagined".

Tools for InterConnected Recovery

A Healthy Balance and Sustainable Mindful Living Series Group

Bringing symbiosis with between our Smartphone era and our connection to the Earth.
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