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February 7, 2014 "Speaking of Music Therapy…Speaking of Freedom"

Speaking of music therapy, or I could say, "Freedom in music! Freedom through music! Freedom with music!" as my friend and mentor Roy Scoggins said in 1975. I want to share a bit about my vision of music therapy. However, I realize that in some circles the discussion of what is music therapy sets off many discussions, debates, and disagreements. I want to speak to a notion of, a big musicing helping profession. (For specifics regarding musicing see D. Elliot's writing or musicking see C. Small's writing.) Specifically, I really want to savor the many variations of music therapy practice around the globe and specifically in the United States, the place that I know a bit more about since I live and work here. I honestly feel that my training and development as a music therapist has taken many turns and spurts of growth, from my Undergraduate training to my study of Guided Imagery and Music, I see music therapy as one wonderful possibility for helping people in the moments of suffering that occur for all people.

That said did you know that music therapist work in hospitals for children, general medical hospitals, and psychiatric hospitals? Did you know that thousands of children around the US are helped right in their public school to learn and grow by music therapists? Did you know that music therapists are right now serving many families and their dying loved ones in the crystal still last moments of a person's life? Did you know that music therapists across this country have created through much hard work music therapy practices that serve adults with the many struggles that are faced in life? If you didn't know I do hope that I have created a bit of interest for you.

In my work for music journey I have aided children with problems of development, adults with cognitive difficulties, young adults with the trials and tribulations of surviving the last semester of college, adults and children challenged by family violence, people struggling with depression, people reaching for their next tier of development, and people struggling with divorce, separations, and loss. I can say that my life and music therapy path has been most blessed.

You see, at times music making or musicing with another person or in a group of musicers one gets a feeling of something new, a big possibility that success is really attainable. In other instances, creating through music a melody or the lines of a very personal song a person might just get a clearer picture of their life in that moment. Then again, with music people find the full range of musical and emotional possibilities, I will even go as far as to say, the full range of human experiences. Yes, I believe what I have experienced as a client in music therapy and as a music therapist many amazing moments with music as the catalyst for ease of mind, new possibilities, personal connections, and love.

I can close up this writing by saying that I hope you take a look around your hometown and you discover a music therapist and when you do please ask them, "Tell me about music therapy?"
With Love and Light all, Aaron