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Stress Relief - Hypnosis And Reiki For Relaxation And Inner Peace In Challenging Times

We live in a society and era of rapid change and many challenges. Stresses can be present in our personal life and relationships, our job, career, or work setting. Students experience stress in school, soldiers experience stress in their military service, unemployed persons experience stress in searching for a new job or meeting financial obligations or paying bills. Anything in our lives that we feel resistance or discomfort with may be experienced as stress.

Fortunately, we also have access to many resources that help us relieve stress. Hypnosis and Reiki are two of the main tools I work with that my clients find highly effective in helping them manage their stress. Hypnosis can be done with a therapist, with a hypnosis recording, or by oneself as self-hypnosis. Using guided imagery, soothing vocal tone, and relaxing sounds, one can be guided into a peaceful state, a sanctuary in one's own mind.

Reiki is a powerful energy healing modality that clears stress and balances one's energy system. You can think of Reiki as a massage for the non-physical layers of your being. This is called your aura. When we feel stress this tension is present in our energy field, our aura. Energy healers tune into the aura/energy field and use the energy radiating from their hands to release the tension and knots in your energy. This is often done without any physical touch. Most clients report feeling very relaxed after a Reiki session. Many report feeling increased calmness, reduction in anxiety or depression, and diminishment of pain or other symptoms. Reiki is also a technique that anyone can learn to do for oneself. Research has found Reiki and other energy healing therapies to benefit those with stress-related conditions such as high blood pressure, and there is continuing research to explore the variety of health issues that may benefit from these therapies. Visit to see updates on clinical and research findings about Reiki.

I offer highly affordable Reiki classes that are available for both laypersons and healing professionals. You can see what Reiki students report by viewing comments shown in the testimonials page at
Jed Shlackman is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master in Miami, Florida. Contact Jed at e_mail