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Annuncing the publication of my book Traumatization and Its Aftermath

Location: New York, NY 10001
Posted: Mon. Aug 28
I am thrilled to announce that my book
Traumatization and Its Aftermath
has officially launched and is now available for purchase! 📚🎉
If you ever feel overwhelmed by the scope of trauma cases and the lasting impact of traumatization, this book is for you. I got inspired by the constant question I hear from my clients and people everywhere: “Am I traumatized?” — and the complexity of the answer. The book aims to answer your questions about traumatization and become a valuable tool with the potential to serve as the medium for collaboration between therapists and clients.

You can Order Your Copy on hardcover, paperback and eBook at your favorite bookstore.
Please Leave a Review: I invite you to leave an honest review on platforms like Amazon and Goodreads. Your thoughts and feedback can guide other readers and contribute to the book's impact.
Spread the Word: Help me create a ripple effect by sharing news of the book's release with your networks, colleagues, friends, clients, and family.
To learn more about "Traumatization and Its Aftermath," please visit my website
Thank you for being a part of this exciting moment. Together, let's make a difference in promoting understanding, compassion, and healing for those affected by trauma.
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