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Seeking help with social skills

Type: Occupational Therapy
Location: Arlington, VA 22206
Posted: Thu. Oct 19
We've been recommended social/self-regulation focused occupational therapy for our son (7.5 year old) by a developmental pediatrician.

He is diagnosed with ADHD (predominantly inattentive presentation F90.0) and Social Communicative Pragmatic Disorder (F80.82), Adjustment reaction with anxiety and 2e (Twice Exceptional Profile).

He has difficulty with staying on task in school and at home. He seems to have an intense need to play imagination games that interfere with activities at school and home.
Example of games: pretending to ride elevators with dings and nudge mode noises, making fire alarm noises, pretending to talk to Alexa or car GPS, navigating somewhere and narrating directions. In turn these games cause negative social behaviors such as: interrupting, standing too close, making noises, not respecting other kids' wishes by using their names in his games, taking longer to do tasks at home.

He acknowledges and seems to understand that these behaviors are inappropriate and disruptive to others and his own schoolwork. But his impulsiveness prevents him from controlling them.
Urgency: Immediately
Frequency: Regularly scheduled
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