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A Change of Mind
Thanks to Managed Care, Evidence-Based Medical Practice and Changing Ideas About Behavior, Cognitive Therapy Is the Talking Cure of the Moment

By Cecilia Capuzzi Simon
Special to The Washington Post
Tuesday, September 3, 2002; Page HE01

Woody Allen is still making movies, but the kind of psychotherapy he made famous -- lying on a couch, endlessly talking about your mother and your lousy childhood -- is losing its audience. Those who find themselves in a therapist's office these days are likely to encounter a very different form of treatment, one that's short-term, goal-oriented and evidence-based. It will probably involve sitting upright in a chair.

And it will probably be some form of cognitive therapy. Cognitive psychotherapy is the fastest growing and most rigorously studied kind of talk therapy, the subject of at least 325 clinical trials evaluating its efficacy in treating everything from depression to schizophrenia. For reasons both economic and cultural, it has begun to unseat neo-Freudian psychodynamic therapy as the dominant form of treatment in private and institutional practices around the country. For better or worse, cognitive therapy is fast becoming what people mean when they say they are "getting therapy."

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