Andrew Wolfe, LMP, MMS | Article

Quality over quantity.

Quality over quantity.

It seems to be a standard statement. But what does it really mean? What does it really imply?

Quality is the assurance of high integrity of work and action over the mass of consumption and production.
Quality never compromises. Never makes excuses nor commits to overt actions. Quality is pure and defines its own principle of high standard.

Quantity is the opportunist of growth at the expense of integrity when the focus is not individualized for the placement of product or service. Quantity mills down the organic root of quality, to base production of product or service in the means of outcome, when the focus is on money verse personal attention.

It seems many businesses have run in the production standard. Getting ahead is the means to the end. But of what end and at whose expense? Quality’s expense.

Even within professions that have traditionally set themselves apart of production, I have found over the recent years be subjected to the lure of quantity’s attractiveness. Are we to be spent up with the consumption of quantity?

By taking a look around us in the world in which we live we can then reflect upon ourselves. Are we the consumers of quantity or we the reflection of quality?

Andrew Wolfe is a massage therapist in private practice, treating people as individuals one at a time since 1987. For more information about his practice visit www.harmonymassagetherapy.com

Copy write by Andrew Wolfe, LMP