William Janiak, BM, MS, RMT

Music Is Therapy

Almost all preschool 
children love music to varying degrees, some naturally start to dance when they hear it. Others 
enjoy clapping along in a group with sing song games. And many enjoy singing 
to themselves or with others. This love for music is natural and it’s
something great for the child.

Music enhances the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs in the classrooms for our children which involve “everyday living concepts” taught through music. You will note that music becomes an excellent medium for group experiences and allows interactions as an acceptable and successful non-threatening participation for different levels of abilities. I have seen music work successfully as a therapy with the mentally ill, with the DD, autistic, deaf, and blind child along with our pre-school children. There is nothing like music in your life!! It heals, helps and is important to the healthy development of children. And finally, music is something, which inspires joy, and a
joyful child is a happier and more well developed.