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Does Your Teen Struggle with Anxiety?

How can I help my teenager deal with their anxiety?

If your teen is willing to talk about their fears and anxieties, listen carefully and respectfully, without discounting their feelings. Help them understand that increased feelings of uneasiness about their body, performance, and peer acceptance are common in adolescence.

Some youngsters are naturally more timid than others, As their bodies, voices, and emotions change during adolescence, they may feel even more self-conscious. In extreme cases, called social phobia, the adolescent may become very withdrawn, and is unable to overcome intense self-doubt and worry.

By encouraging your teen to trace their anxiety to specific situations and experiences, you may help them reduce the overwhelming nature of their feelings. Reassure them that, although their concerns are real, in all likelihood they will be able to handle them, and that you are willing to help them develop different techniques to be better able to deal with stress and anxiety.

Managing more extreme anxiety in teens may require a combination of treatment interventions. The most effective plan must be individualized to the teenager and their family. While anxiety disorders can cause considerable distress in a teen's life, the overall prognosis is good.