Mary Battilocchi, N.D. | Article

Spring Allergies

If you suffer from Spring allergies, this spring promises a great allergy season. Tree and flowers are responsible for the allergy pollens that are floating around this time of the year. You can do alot more than take Claritin. For one, using a saline solution daily will help remove some of the daily mucus in your nose. Then it is also advisable to use a variety of anti-oxidants which will clear some of the fluid from your sinuses. Vit. C, rutin, resveratrol are a few you can use. I also like to use a histamine blocker such as Quercetin, which will help you breath easier.
I also advise allergy patients to use homoepathy to clear up nasal congestion. The best way to get a homeopathic remedy is to see a homeopath who can then prescribe the right remedy for your particular needs. Some common homeopathics are euphrasia, allium cepa, and kali bic. Use of one of these may be prescribed by your homeopath. I do prescribe homeopathics in my practice.apapple