Donald F. deGraffenried, LCSW

Using the EMDR Recent Event Protocol with Homicide Survivors -

EMDR Humanitarian Assistance ProgramWorkshop
Specialty Training

"Using the EMDR Recent Event Protocol
with Homicide Survivors"
Saturday, January 26, 2013
8:30am to 1:00pm
The Connecticut Women’s Consortium
Hamden, Ct.

Donald F. deGraffenried, LCSW
EMDR HAP & EMDR Institute Trainer in Training

Agenda and Time Frame for the Day

8:30am to 9:00am

9:00 to 9:20
• Presenter experience with developing the Urban Trauma Center, in Hew Haven, Ct., providing EMDR treatment services for homicide survivors.
• What is a “Homicide survivor” – define
• Three (3) crucial crisis issues related to working with homicide survivors

9:20 to 10:20
• What is the EMDR Recent Event Protocol?
• When is it appropriate to use the Recent Event Protocol?
• Review from Level I – handout from the manual
• How is the assessment done using the Recent Event Protocol?
• Engagement and how to support the assessment process – Phase II
• Language and self-care

10:20 to 11:20
• What is the “Visual Tool” and how is it helpful in structuring and completing the assessment?
• Demonstration - role play of developing targets with the client and deciding where to start in Phase IV.

11:20 to 12:00
Five Specific Techniques to support homicide survivors during use of the Recent Event Protocol
• Be focused, directive and ask permission
• Support, support & support – highly verbally active in Phases IV
• Feedback and substantial debriefing
• Be prepared for your feelings, reactions & transference
• Client call in after the first session
• Discussion and questions

12:20 to 1:00
Review of Phases I, II & III
• Phase I – History
• Phase II – Preparation
• Phase III – Assessment
• Discussion and case planning
• Getting started