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Healthy Tip #185

Healthy Tip # 185
Posted on April 3, 2013
Another healthy tip courtesy of Lisa Bahar

My tips:

Gentle smile exercise: each day, try to do a gentle smile, it tells your brain to calm and be content. Soften your gaze, loosen your lips, take the tongue off the roof of your mouth and open your lips slightly (sounds kind of racy) but it works to calm your mind and body when you do your gentle smiles throughout the day. Try gentle smiles first thing in the morning, smile when you drive, smile to the person in the line in front of you. Smile when you feel irritated and WANT to change your mind, this may require some positive self talk and breathing. As you practice this exercise, their is a strong likelihood you will begin to notice more
positive emotions occurring in your daily life, which enhances well being and overall health.

Be interested in others. Actually listen with interest as someone is sharing with you or wanting to talk to you about something they are experiencing. Listen intently and maintain your focus. Ironically, you may find that people think you are such a great conversationalist and really all you are doing is listening to someone genuinely interested in them and how they are feeling in that moment. This will help you connect with other people and enjoy your time with them. It is very fulfilling to you.

Give someone a compliment each day, even if it is you. It may be hard to give ourselves those cheer leading statements in life, give them to others too, even if it is small, be encouraging in life, and consider that everyone may need a validation sometimes, including you.

- Lisa Bahar, LMFT, LPCC, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor