Natalie Mitlyansky, DC, ND, MD | Article

It Is All About Us

We all want to be beautiful, it does not matter how old we are, we want to look better!
That is why we use services of beauticians, we pay attention to our skin condition. Our skin is not only the largest organ in our body, skin reflexes what is going on in our body, mostly in our gut and endocrine system.
So, if you want to look great, it is important to use beauticians services, but even more important to take good care of your health.

We live in contemporary world where we are under the different types of stress constantly,it is physical, emotional, physiological and environmental stress.

Level of environmental stress depends on level of excessive radiation from the sun, radiation from computers, TV, microwaves, car exhaust, plastics and heavy metals loads that we exposed. How can we reduce environmental stress? Do not use plastics, microwaves at home, avoid as much as possible all sources of heavy metals-aluminum, not natural cosmetics, flu shots. Get some sun exposure –it is natural source of Vitamin D, but do not spend all day under the sun.

Physical stress is a result of excessive physical activity that exceeds our body capacity, emotional stress is a result of negative events in our life and negative mental attitude that sets stage for impaired function of immune system and susceptibility to different diseases. How to cope with these?

It is my dream to have office where we can accommodate chiropractic services, acupuncture, massage, allergy elimination and neuro-emotional technique, nutritional support that we already have with relaxation techniques, gi-gong lessons.
Have your routine- exercise every day or 3 times /week, walking is the most effective aerobic exercise, use stress reduction techniques, such as prayer, meditation, tai-chi, gi-gong, progressive relaxation. In our office we have handout for patients –progressive relaxation that they can use at home.

Physiological stress is a result of accumulation of internal toxins, toxins that our body produces during the metabolism, our physiology depends on what we eat, drink and think about yourself, we are what we eat, but more precisely- how we look depends on which nutrients our body can use for life and how sufficient is detoxification. So, it important to eat food that will help us to be healthy-fruits, vegetables, lean meats, low glycemic food ( food that will not give fast rise of blood sugar level),to have good quality supplements .

We all have some habits that very difficult to change, but if we take small steps, set up realistic goals and reward yourself, we shall be able to take responsibility of our health. You can do it!

All types of stress will lead to premature aging, there are different theories of aging, the most recent one-Green theory, that explains aging as a result of gene mutation and inflammatory changes triggered by high toxic load in the body and oxidative stress that produces free radical formation , both results of impaired detoxification.

There are a lot of supplements that you can take and reduce aging, but you have to make sure that you do not put in your body any synthetic , chemical components that will be toxic, I use whole food supplements from Standard Process, company was established in 1929 and still is one of the most trusted and credited supplement companies on the market, sister company-Mediherb located in Australia and works in conjunction with Standard Process since 2003. All these supplements distributed through medical offices only and require specific testing.
I would like to talk about aging and detoxification, we can discuss what can be done to reduce aging and different types of detoxification programs later, if you are interested.

Our body is a great machine that was designed to work properly and keep us young and healthy, we just have to give our body normal living conditions: eat and drink properly, have positive mental attitude, decrease level of environmental toxins, exercise and have good quality supplementation. If we do this, our body will manifest its inborn ability to heal itself- we will look young and beautiful!