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Every Acupuncturist Has a Different Style

If you have been to only one Acupuncturist or Practitioner of Oriental Medicine you may think that we all are the same. Not so! Just take a look at a few of the different styles and techniques that are practiced here in the United States:

1) Meridian Balancing (Master Tan’s Balance Method) This is a unique style of acupuncture which uses just a few needles to balance the affected area or meridian that is in pain. Needles are placed away from the affected area or distally.

2) Motor-Point Acupuncture (Master Callison’s Enegetics of Structural Balance) Another unique style which uses the western concept of using motor points of agonist and antagonist muscle groups to regain structural balance in the affected area.

3) Japanese Style Acupuncture – A style of very light and gentle acupuncture with very few needles that move the energies of the body very deeply to regain health.

4) Five-Element Acupuncture – Practitioners focus on dealing with the underlying causative factor of your condition and your unique constitution to resolve health issues.

5) Master Tung’s Style - This system, developed by Master Tung, is a precursor to Master Tan’s Balance Method. Points are chosen distal to the problem and results can be quick.

6) Laser Acupuncture- A small laser is used to stimulate acupuncture points instead of needles.

7) Traditional Chinese Acupuncture- This style is most common in the United States. It uses 10-20 needles with mild to strong stimulation.

8) Trigger Point Acupuncture- A combination of Trigger Point Therapy and Acupuncture, highly effective for musculoskeletal pain.

The next three styles use a micro-system. This is based on the theory that every part is a reflection of the whole, a notion that because we all stem from one cell, each area of the body contains part of the whole.

9) Korean Hand Acupuncture- A unique style of Acupuncture that uses points on the hands and fingers.

10) Auricular Acupuncture- Points on the outer ear are used to treat the whole body.

11) ECIWO (Embryo Containing the Information of the Whole Organism)- A very interesting style that uses points along the second metacarpal of the fingers to affect the whole body.

So armed with this new knowledge ask your practitioner which style or styles she practices. She will most likely be happy to discuss it with you!