Patricia Reynolds-Meade, MA, LAADC, M-RAS | Article

Fat Is Not a Feeling Word!

Eating disorders are not all about food. It’s about using food as a coping mechanism to deal with painful emotions. I have found that clients use food to feel in control by binging to feel comfort or purging as a form of punishment. Yes, I said it! The core issues I address in Life Coaching focus on identifying what’s really “eating” you up inside by instilling in you that fat is not a “feeling word” that determines your behavior. I will say it again, FAT is not an emotion! What does fat actually feel like?

In working with you, we mutually create a treatment plan with two goals in mind- A) learning to love yourself and B) accepting yourself. The tasks involved include: 1) develop new coping skills by identifying feelings and replacing with positive behaviors i.e. doing something nice for another person, 2) improve self-image by rephrasing negative self-talk with positive affirmations or scriptures, 3) learn how to eat healthy with nutrition education, and 4) relapse prevention tools that include development of a support system, identifying triggers, and journaling.

In order for you to gain self-confidence, you must rediscover who you are [a child of God] which is more valuable and beyond your distorted body image, current weight, and sporadic dieting habits. Did I forget to mention exercise? I think not because healing begins from the inside out. Love ya, Pat