Natalie Mitlyansky, DC, ND, MD

Beware of These 6 Common Items that Cause Cancer

1. Air fresheners. They are very common in our household, but they produce deadly chemicals, such as phthalates-interfere with male reproduction systems and may cause male infertility. Most of air fresheners also loaded with volatile organic compounds, which interfere with reproduction, respiration and cellular regeneration. Instead of toxic commercial air fresheners, stick with all- natural essential oils, which can be applied to the skin and released into the air from diffuser.
2. Candles. Similar to commercial air fresheners, many scented candles are also toxic. Study conducted by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that nearly half of all scented candles on the market contain lead wiring in their wicks, which released into the air upon burning. This leads to behavioral disorders, hormone disruption.
3. Art supplies. Many of acrylic paints, glues, solvents, drawing utensils and other supplies used to create art contain chemicals linked to allergies, organ damage and cancer.
It is much safer to buy your art supplies from sources certified by Art and creative Materials Institute (ACMI).
4. Shampoos and conditions. Toxins in cosmetics is a huge issue today, with many conventional consumer products –including some labeled as “natural” and “organic”- containing ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate that generate cancer causing byproducts when used. Other carcinogenic additives commonly used in hair care include polyethylene glycol (PEG) and cocamide. Safe cosmetics has put together a list of the safest and most eco-friendly shampoos on the market, which you can access here: SafeCosmetics.org
5. Antiperspirant deodorants. Millions people use them daily, but they contain aluminum chlorohydrate, which can be absorbed into the skin and cause breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. Other toxic additives in antiperspirant deodorants include parabens, a class of xenobiotics- substances that mimic estrogens in the body and promote growth of estrogen dependent cancers. Parabens also linked to gastrointestinal damage, nausea and depression.
6. Shower curtains. Your average shower curtain is a radiator for toxic chemical release. Those chemicals called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that are known to damage the respiratory tract, central nervous system, liver and kidney. It is important to stick with only non-toxic shower curtains, which made without these harmful chemicals. Some of the best options include shower curtains made from hemp, linen, birch, organic cotton or PEVA, which you can learn more about here: Ron and Lisa.com
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