Natalie Mitlyansky, DC, ND, MD | Article

Orange Juice: Not What It Seems


If a TV commercial told you that nothing starts a sunny day like a nice cold glass of ethyl butyrate, you probably would not buy it. Would you?
Yet that 's exactly what you will find in a container of 100% natural orange juice!
Fresh squeezed orange juice spoils quickly. To avoid spoilage, manufactures use heating process, to remove oxygen quickly, so it will not oxidize. This allows juice to be stored in the tanks for up to year.
Unfortunately, this process strips the juice of its favor, so juice tastes like sugar water. To put the flavor
back, manufactures add “flavor packs “ developed by perfume companies! These flavor packs include chemicals like ethyl butyrate, which has the aroma of fresh oranges.
Why these chemicals are not listed on the label? Because they are originally derived from discarded orange peels. This makes them orange by products”, which means that according to federal government law they do not need to be listed.
What to do? Next time you want to have glass of orange juice- make your own, or just eat orange- you will get fiber and nutrients beside nice fresh orange flavor.

Natalie Mitlyansky D.C., N.D.