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The Power of the Crayon
There are some children who walk or roll onto my caseload who are especially neat. My latest kiddo came to me in need of a new communication device (AKA "talker"). Her five year old talker had served her well, but it was having some challenges and also no longer met her advancing language needs. It's generally not a good sign when a device is being held together with medical tape and will only work if plugged into an outlet!

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Having a More Harmonious Outcome: Part Ii
Last time, we talked about how important wait time is for giving a person using an augmentative communication system a chance to respond. In case you missed last month's blog (or you are like me and don't remember what you had for breakfast much less last month's blog), you can catch up here.

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Having a More Harmonious Outcome
Having a More Harmonious Outcome: Part 1

My grandpa used to say, "Take your time and you'll have a more harmonious outcome."

You're probably wondering why a quote from my grandpa (or according to Google, was most likely originally from a 1954 western by Louis L'Amour called Crossfire Trail) belongs in an assistive technology blog. A lot, actually, and it all has to do with wait time.

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Introducing...The Networking Plate
Being in the start-up phase of my own practice has been an exciting journey. People ask what has been the biggest challenge so far...Start-up funds? Finding that first client? Nope. Sampling the food at networking events. See the photo to the left? Holding a plate, standing, eating, AND being ready to shake someone's hand all at the same time is way beyond my physical skills. Sure I could find a place to sit down and eat, but that definitely defeats the purpose of attending a networking event!

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