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Dreamwork as Personal Growth

Music Journey, LLC music therapists regularly assist their clients to draw on the rich wealth that comes from dreamwork.

I have been working with my dreams for 18 years. I first noticed my dreams at a time of transition in my life where I was moving from one chapter in my life into a new phase of my life. For me a big dream at that time, announced a new level of freedom and a time of growth and exploration personally and professionally. I consider dreamwork an integral life practice. I believe that dreamwork is an integral life practice that promotes growth on many levels and lines of human development simultaneously.

I was professionally, introduced to dreamwork in my expressive arts therapy training. This included guidance on how to explore dreams personally, how to assist my clients work with their dreams, how diverse cultures understand dreams, and the psychological and physiological aspects of human dreaming.

My dreamwork mentors and teachers have been Harold McKinney, Joan Woodward, Sally Atkins, and John Van Auken. My understanding of dreams and dreamwork is influenced by the work of Jeremy Taylor, James Hillman, Carl Jung, Fritz Perls and my personal life experiences.

In my work as a music therapist and expressive arts therapist, I work to remind people of their dreams and assist people to use their dreams for personal development and health.

Please feel free to contact Music Journey, LLC () if you have questions about how dreams and music could help you improve your life.

Aaron Teague