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The ATM2 Back Project a Golfer's Secret Weapon

The ATM2 Concept can be used to provide an immediate, significant and lasting increase in range of motion This is achieved by a simple principal. No time consuming, injury prone stretching or strengthening is necessary.

To understand how the ATM® Concept works, you need to first ask the question: "why do our Global (Movement) muscles get stiff to begin with?". Well... in almost all cases, they do NOT get stiff due to anything wrong with themselves internally. They get stiff because the brain wants them to be stiff. So this leads to the next obvious question: "why does the brain want these muscles to be stiff?". The answer to this has to do with the muscles that provide core stability. Primarily the Multifidus muscles, which have the primary responsibility of preventing adjoining vertebrae bones in our spine from moving out of their normal ranges which will cause permanent damage to the disks and ligaments between them.

It has been shown in the research literature, that individual Multifidus muscles will frequently stop functioning as efficiently in the presence of pain, and my guess is that this also happens as we get older. Keep in mind that many of these muscles are tiny - less than half an inch tip-to-tip. As a result of this, these muscles will loose their muscle mass very quickly. As a result of this, when a person's Multifidus muscles are not responsive, the spine becomes very vulnerable as it has lost its primary mechanism to prevent adjoining vertebrae bones from moving out of bounds and crashing the disks between them. Luckily for us, our brain is smart enough to detect that there is a problem. So what does it do? You probably guessed. The brain sends a signal to the Global muscles to become tight, in order to restrict overall movement, which will help protect the spine from serious injury.

The point with all this is that the person's tightness/stiffness is not a problem. It is actually a protective mechanism preventing the spine from very serious injury.

So how does the ATM® Concept work? Well, using the ATM2, you re-establish the lines of communications between the brain and the Core Muscles (Multifidus), so that they can become more responsive. Once this happens, and it takes only 1-2 minutes, the brain says to itself: "Ahh, my core muscles are now very responsive. Now I do not need as much help from the Global Muscles in order to protect the spine, so I can release them". Consequently, they immediately relax. This translates into a significant and immediate increase in Range of Motion that actually lasts, as opposed to brute force and risky stretching techniques. The amazing thing with all this is that no end-of-range stretching-type exercises are needed to achieve this huge, immediate and lasting increase in range of motion.

This whole exercise only takes 1-2 minutes which results is dramatic and very significant increases in range of motion for ALMOST ALL people ranging from weekend athletes to world champions. This amzing system is ENDORSED and USED by PGA Pros!! You can read what Ernie Els wrote in Golf Digest, Gerry James in Golf Week Magazine, and many more, you can know that they meant what they said.