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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be defined as any physical, psychological, economic, or emotional abuse used to intimidate, control or harm another person. Women are the most frequent victims of domestic violence but sometimes women are the abusers. Domestic violence is against the law and both men and women can be arrested for it. Often victims don't report the abuse for fear of being further harmed, or even killed by the abuser. But domestic violence gets WORSE over time (more frequent and more deadly) and must be stopped. Often the abuser blames the victim for causing the abuse, saying that it was her behavior that "made" him hit her. But no one can make anyone choose violence to deal with anger. The perpetrator may attempt to make the victim believe that she deserves the violent or controlling behavior. But no one DESERVES abuse. If you or someone you know are suffering domestic violence, I urge you to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1 ph6. You can make a confidential report and learn of the many resources available, such as orders of protection, shelters, safety plans and counseling. An abuser will always promise that "it will never happen again". It always will.