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Are You a Stress Champion?


Everyone gets stressed out--at least some of the time. After all, life is challenging! And then there are the people we could call stress champions: the ones people may call: fuss budget; worry wart; space case; grumpy old man. We use colorful expressions like “he’s way up-tite,” or “she’s jittery.” Sometimes we say people like this “drive us nuts” because they’re so picky-picky, high-strung, tightly wound, or just plain cranky and hard to live with.
Perhaps even you yourself have used one of these terms to describe yourself or someone you know. That would not be surprising, since over 16% of Americans suffer from some type of anxiety disorder, and the irritability and difficulty concentrating, the tendency to worry and fuss about every little thing are part of the baggage that comes with severe or chronic anxiety.
While a certain amount of anxiety is an inevitable part of living in an imperfect world, when symptoms of anxiety become so severe they interfere with a person’s ability to cope well with daily life, the time has come to take action. Living with symptoms of anxiety strips the joy from life, and leads to an increased rate of suicide in the people who suffer with it.
Fortunately, even though anxiety disorders as a group are the most common emotional malady in America, a number of treatments are available which are highly effective in reducing anxiety symptoms—or even completely and permanently eliminating them. If you have symptoms of anxiety, you may be suffering needlessly.

Anxiety Survey:
Yes No When I think ahead to future events, I find myself worrying about things turning out poorly.
Yes No Even though most of the things I worry about never happen, I can’t seem to stop myself from worrying.
Yes No I often feel restless, irritable, or “on edge”; or I have difficulties concentrating, or my mind goes blank; or my body feels tense and I have troubles with sleeping.
Yes No From time to time I have spells where my heart races, or I tremble, or feel pressure or pain in my chest, or have trouble breathing, or stomach upsets or feel lightheaded or faint, or tingling or numbness or hot flashes or chills, or felt that I was dying, but the doctors could find nothing wrong with me physically to explain my symptoms.
Yes No When I experience these feelings, I will go to great lengths to avoid them or any situations where I think they may occur, for example refusing or dreading to go out in public.
Yes No Sometimes thoughts or pictures pop into my head that I don’t like and don’t want, but I can’t make them go away.
Yes No Sometimes I end up doing something over and over again, without being able to make myself stop—like washing something, or checking something, even though I know, logically, it’s not necessary.
Yes No Sometimes I remember (or dream about) difficult or painful past events so vividly it’s as if I’m re-experiencing them.
Yes No I get irritable or angry over very minor things.
Yes No Any of the above symptoms that I have checked “Yes” occur so often or so intensely that they interfere with my ability to function, or cause me a great deal of distress.

If you think you or some one you care about may be suffering with anxiety, Penny Thome, RN, LPC, has the special training, tools and skills to help you feel better.
The only thing standing between you and a better life might be feeling too anxious to check it out! Don’t let yourself be robbed! Make a decision today to take action. For further information, or to make an appointment please contact me.