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Health Is a Journey Not a Destination

the title of this blog addition is a motto by which we live and work with clients at Genesis Health and Beauty. There are short cuts to feeling better by taking drugs, whether pharmaceutical or controlled substances (remember that these latter ones are usually illegal), but neither of these choices addresses the deeper question of how to resolve underlying causes.
Make choices that simplify your life. Freedom is often a ridding process, not a process by which we add something additional to our lives. The basics of health are just that, basics: good diet, enough rest and sleep, exercise (within healthy limits), a good mental attitude, love in your heart, a social network of support, enough money to live comfortably, perhaps an intimate relationship.
I realize that each of these categories needs further explanation and that each one will vary for different individuals. thus, when we speak about sufficient rest and sleep, the question arises, "for whom?" The needs of individuals will vary and be influenced by any number of actors. Nevertheless, the principles are sound. Individualizing them is where some guidance and advice from a professional, or a trusted and intelligent friend, becomes essential.