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Finding Resources for Trauma Work in One Easy Place!

Why is it so hard to find resources when doing trauma work? I feel like I have to spend hours of time I don't have surfing the web, and sorting through tons of different books to find the resources I need. If you're a bilingual (Spanish) psychotherapist like myself the quest becomes even more daunting.

As a therapist new to the field of TF-CBT, I craved for a book that would have a few ideas and activities in the order of the components of TF-CBT that I could go to as a quick reference, especially starting out when you don't know exactly where to start....even if you are using the client workbook.

If you've gone through the training or at least read through the book Treating Trauma & Traumatic Grief in Children & Adolescents, you know that you get a couple of ideas and activities to get you going, but if you're like me, you quickly found that it's just not enough. And if you work with Spanish speaking children and families finding the information you need is even harder.

Wouldn't it be great to have ONE resource where we could look up QUICKLY an activity or basic psych-ed information when working with trauma clients?

I've put together a couple of activities of some of the components used when doing trauma work with children and adolescents, such as psych-ed, relaxation, affect modulation, and coping process, as well as information that would be useful for the parent sessions. I've included the information in Spanish which I know only too well how valuable that can be, and I'd love to hear if other therapist would find this useful....

I'd love to hear your feedback on this topic, please post your thoughts!