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Review: Colin Tipping - Radical Forgiveness... Heal Relationships, Let Go Of Anger And Blame

Review: Colin Tipping - Radical Forgiveness... Heal Relationships, Let Go Of Anger And Blame, Find Peace In Any Situation

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Colin Tipping's Radical Forgiveness is a superb guide to finding genuine forgiveness and healing. This book is based on some essential metaphysical principles that when understood assist us in seeing things from a spiritual, soul-based perspective rather than the dualistic ego perspective. This is similar to A Course in Miracles and other popular "new age" and "new thought" spiritual teachings.

This approach invites everyone to shift from victim consciousness into a perspective where there are no victims and no need for blame - everything happening in your life is happening in a perfect synchronistic manner to help you heal your misperceptions. Paradoxically, with this understanding, we see that our Higher Selves chose for us to participate in this human reality where we took on the role of victims, so that we can gain an even deeper understanding of who we are as we heal. This approach invites us to release judgments and the need to feel we are "right." Radical Forgiveness guides us to recognize that all of our experiences serve our greater good. Since whatever occurred is ultimately helping us grow we feel no need to blame others or resent them - we can actually be thankful for what has happened! This comes naturally as we shift into this higher perspective as this can't be forced. Tipping points out why other forgiveness practices often fail to produce healing and offers a process through which readers can practice radical forgiveness with any issue that arises in their lives.

This book presents the ideas in a clear manner with multiple real-life examples of people using radical forgiveness to transform their experience. As a metaphysical writer, counselor, and healing facilitator, I have found these teachings very valuable - Colin has presented a well-organized and inspiring guide to what many healers and counselors have been teaching their clients and themselves in a more informal manner. This book is more clear and concise than A Course in Miracles, and is a welcome resource to help people heal what Tipping refers to as the "victim archetype."

Jed Shlackman, LMHC, C.Ht.