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How Does Massage Therapy Treat Sports Injuires?

First let me set the stage how soft tissue injury happens.

At the time of injury, toxins and lactic acid, which is a natural waste bi-product is excreted by the muscle as well as in times of exertion, is accumulated in the tissue. In addition with any kind of injury, inflammation occurs. It is a natural buffer created around the injury site to protect it. Micro or other tears can occur in the muscles and other surrounding connective tissue to it, like tendons. Bones can be influenced, by involving ligaments which impairs movement. Adhesions and scar tissue can form because of the shortening of the muscle fibers making the area also restricted by physically reducing the lengthen of muscle limiting its use of mobility. Massage therapy increases the circulation, flushes out toxins, lactic acid and inflammation to the injured site speeding up recovery time. Mobilizing or moving the joint helps with the nerve fibers within the muscle to re-engage proper muscle mechanics.

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