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Jeannette York, LMFT
Jeannette York,MFT, Marriage And Family Therapy
Communication is the number one reason that most couples give for problems in their relationship. It is sometimes as if each person is speaking a different language. Couples will often say that a simple discussion turned into a major fight and they are both baffled as to why. There are tools and skills to learn that can help each of you hear and respond in a healthy
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Augusta is the home of the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, the Imperial Theater, and Augusta State University. Enjoy a city located close to the Georgia-South Carolina border, near the Savannah River. In Augusta there are thousands of people who seek therapists to develop better self-esteem, improve their relationships and avoid divorce, resolve personal and career issues, and heal past emotional wounds with compassionate and insightful care. Many people have improved their lives by working with a good therapist.
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