Specializing in Early Childhood Trauma, Attachment, LGBTQ
And Fost/Adopt Issues. Avail Everyday @ Home or Office
Heather Blessing, MA, LMFT
Heather Cassandra Blessing, LMFT
Are you tired of working with therapists that "don't get it", have office hours when you work, don't understand how hard it can be to get your children/family to therapy? I have been where you are. I have raised 2 special needs children (one fost/adopt with early childhood trauma) and understand the frustrations of trying to get help for your family when you are i
Sacramento, CA 95827
6.5 miles away
Attachment Therapy for All Relationships
Neuorfeedback Solutions
Ce Eshelman, LMFT
The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships
You may have found this listing in a focused search for a healing solution for your traumatized, attachment challenged child or RAD diagnosed child within your family. You came to the right spot. I work with individuals, couples, and families utilizing attachment therapies designed to address underlying emotional difficulties associate with parent/child chal
Sacramento, CA 95864
8.1 miles away
Marriage and Family Therapist
Life Practice Counseling Group
I specialize in marriage and couple counseling. I also do work with individual issues. I work with children and teenagers. I deal with all issues that you may be going through such as: life transitions, grief/loss, co-parenting, divorce and blended families, addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, domestic violence, court ordered situations. I work days, evenings and
Sacramento, CA 95825
8.7 miles away
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Become who you want to be.
Build the relationship you deserve.
David Clark, Marriage and Family Therapist Registe...
You want answers, you need change to become the person you want to be or have the relationship you desire. Learn tools and live the results. You deserve an easier, happier life: you are my ideal client. Counseling could be your best next step. When I provide counseling, I first see my clients as whole persons seeking means to improve their lives. In a nonj
Sacramento, CA 95825
8.7 miles away
Debra Schnack, LMFT
I am an interactive Marriage and Family Therapist who works with individuals, families, couples, and children. I use a strength-based theoretical approach in order to provide the best possible support and good, practical feedback while working with you to gain insight into long-standing communication patterns. I strongly believe that therapy can result in a
Sacramento, CA 95816
9.5 miles away
The Understanding You Need.....The Professionalism
You Deserve!
Susan Johnson, MA, LMFT
Welcome, My name is Susan Johnson and I've been licensed since 2000. Let me share a little about myself and my practice with you. I have a philosphey that is of value in how I practice. I believe strongly that the most important quality we have on this earth is our relationships to one another and how we treat each other. That being said, the relationship
Roseville, CA 95661
19.1 miles away
Debra Schnack, LMFT
I am an interactive Marriage and Family Therapist who works with individuals, families, couples, and children. I use a strength-based theoretical approach in order to provide the best possible support and good, practical feedback while working with you to gain insight into long-standing communication patterns. I strongly believe that therapy can result in a
Roseville, CA 95678
19.4 miles away
Are You Feeling Stuck? Anxious? Depressed?
Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Families
Jill McElroy, LMFT
The saying "An examined life is not worth living" always comes to mind when I encounter an individual who is mired down in problems and unable to find happiness. That you are visiting this page tells me you have already embarked on a path to address the issues that are stopping you from moving forward. In a warm and safe environment I can provide you with the tools
Davis, CA 95616
22.5 miles away
Building Strong Relationships And Self Confidence
Larry Lease, JD, MA, LMFT
Kinsey Lease Counseling
Great counseling starts with a strong commitment to making changes and a careful selection of a therapist who is right for you - one who is genuine, compassionate and insightful. As I listen, interact and guide, these are the values I hold most highly. I take an empathic, common-sense approach to helping you find more satisfaction in family, work and community life.
Fairfield, CA 94533
39.9 miles away
Licensed Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy
Serving the Sacramento Area for Over 15 Years
Julie Karp, MA, LMFT
I know how overwhelming it can be, looking for a therapist & trying to find one that is a good fit for you. Hopefully I can help you through the process. I am a well-trained, experienced, Licensed Therapist, serving the area for over 15 yrs, & seeing a wide range of clients during this time. Each person I've worked with has reported feeling understood, cared about, &
Sacramento, CA 95828
3.1 miles away
Reflective Listening with Empathy
I Help You Find Your Best Solution
John Tucker, LMFT
I work with individuals, children,and families and deal with issues relating to attatchment and development. I like brief solutions to presenting problemes. By listening and and cognitive behavior interventions I help people find their own best solution to problemes they face. Meditation and journaling often lead people to a deeper insight into discomforts in thei
Sacramento, CA 95826
5.7 miles away
The Anxiety Treatment Center
Dr. Robin Zasio
The Anxiety Treatment Center, Inc. offers a variety of treatment options, depending on the particular needs of each individual including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and an intensive outpatient treatment program. The Intensive Day Treatment Program is for individuals with moderate to severe levels of anxiety whose needs have not been effective
Sacramento, CA 95827
6.5 miles away
Counseling for Individuals and Couples
Brian Hayes, MFT Intern
Life Practice Counseling Group
Counseling services are available for men, women and couples who are seeking to create new meaning in their lives and relationships. Areas of specialization include: Resolving Crises: For those experiencing crisis, I provide a peaceful, compassionate environment in which individuals in crisis can find a calm center amidst the storm that surrounds them. I have worke
Sacramento, CA 95827
6.5 miles away
Caring Christian Counseling
Aaron Airozo, LMFT
Aaron Airozo, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
My goal in counseling is to provide a safe environment to discuss some of life's most painful issues without fear of judgment. I believe that the most important indicator of change is the counseling relationship. Because of this I strive to form a trusting relationship with every client, and view the counseling relationship as one of partners in the healing process.
Sacramento, CA 95825
8.7 miles away
Providing effective, compassionate, and meaningful therapy
Therapy for Individuals and Couples
Robyn Gray, LMFT
Robyn Gray Counseling
I have experience in many different therapy modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy, family therapy and couples therapy. My private practice is devoted to both long-term psychotherapy for individual's seeking insight and identity exploration and as well as more short-term, problem focused trea
Sacramento, CA 95816
9.5 miles away
Linda Barnard, LMFT
I specialize in treating trauma - domestic violence, rape, victims of crime, and other traumatic situations. I have been in practice for over 25 years and use primarily cognitive behavioral therapy approaches, although therapy is focused on the needs of the client. I also provide expert testimony in criminal and civil matters in the areas of Intimate Partner Viole
Sacramento, CA 95816
9.5 miles away
Charlene Hong, MFT
As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I believe that everyone has within himself or herself the innate capacity to heal, develop, and grow. I provide clients with a safe, confidential space in which to explore and develop a deeper understanding of their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in their relationships. We seek therapy for a variety of reasons: to manage life
Sacramento, CA 95816
9.5 miles away
Helping You Create Positive Change
Teens - Adults - Couples
Lindsay Shortliffe, Psy.D.
It can be very difficult to take steps towards positive change or to seek support when facing challenge in your life. Therefore, my primary goal when working with a new client is to create a comfortable environment. I strive to get to know you and to understand what you want from our work. I believe that each person's needs will be different, so I draw from a wide ran
Sacramento, CA 95816
9.5 miles away
Are You Feeling Stuck? Overwhelmed? Not Sure What to Do?
Call for a Free 15 Minute Phone Consult About Counseling!
Ivy Griffin, LMFT
Thrive Therapy & Counseling
I believe deeply that the foundation of therapy is the relationship between the client and the therapist, which is really just one person helping another. We all experience times in our lives when we feel stuck, overwhelmed, and uncertain about how to move forward. Therapy offers a place where we can receive caring and support, while learning new skills for how to man
Sacramento, CA 95818
9.8 miles away
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Specializing in All Things Relationships
Anna Osborn, LMFT, LPCC
As a licensed psychotherapist and relationship specialist in Sacramento California, I work with individuals and couples to restore connection, heal trust, improve communication and increase intimacy. I get the privilege of seeing folks transform their relationships and begin to live a more happy, connected and loving life. I think that Sacramento is a vibrant town a
Sacramento, CA 95818
9.8 miles away
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