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FREE support group!

Valid 3/6/2017 through 3/7/2100
Thanks for your interest in the support group! The group meets Saturday mornings from 9-10:20-ish, at my office in Sherman Oaks (email for location: dr.nina@winthedietwar.com) There is no fee for participating.
Most group members struggle with bulimia or binge eating disorders, although there are those who restrict, and the age range is 20s - 50+. Some people have been there a long time, others only a short while, and new faces are always welcome.

Each week I offer a handout that addresses the underlying conflicts and emotions that lead to disordered eating. I view disordered eating as a symptom of the problem ( although it can feel like the problem). We identify and work through the conflicts and feelings that lead to the behavior, rather than focusing on the behavior itself.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm here to help!
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