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Swedish MassageMassage Therapist inAllentown, PA 18106

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Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Specialists
Body Central, Inc.
Serving the Southern Lehigh Valley for over 10 years. Specializing in neck and shoulder pain relief. We are conveniently located on Main St. in Coopersburg. Each and every session is tailored to your overall and current needs focusing on improving your overall health and decreasing daily pain caused by soft tissue injuries.
Massage Therapist
Coopersburg, PA 18036
10 miles away
Opportunities to nurture your Body, Mind & Spirit
Dorothy Paschall, Director
Massage & Bodywork Centers, LLC
At Massage & Bodywork Centers, LLC we offer an opportunitiy for clients & the community to choose alternative options for well being.. These options can relieve stress & tension, and reduce pain & discomfort that through dealing with day in & day out, in their daily lives may place an tremendous un-necessary physical & emotional burden on them effecting their abi
Massage Therapist
Gilbertsville, PA 19525
17.7 miles away
Sometimes We All Need a Little Sanctuary...
Marie Walsh, NCMTBW
Sanctuary Massage and Bodywork
I operate a small, personalized service out of my home. I customize all my services to maximize pain relief and relaxation and hold myself to the highest professional and ethical standards. My main objective is to promote overall health and, in cases where the situation requires further professional assistance, I refer clients to other professionals better suited to t
Massage Therapist
Shoemakersville, PA 19555
21.2 miles away
Relax, Rejuvinate and Rebuild a Better You!
Heather O'neill, NCTMB
Cypress Moon Healing Arts, LLC
My practice is focused on stress relief, body balancing and detoxification. We focus on the clients immediate needs then form a plan of action which suites the clients lifestyle. We utilize many different techniques to achieve our goals and make these techniques available during each session. Our ultimate goal is to tailor each session to the client with a holistic
Massage Therapist
Shawnee on the Delaware, PA 18356
39.2 miles away
Massage Therapist in Philadelphia
Massage Intuition Philly
Massage Intuition Philly was founded on the idea that massage therapy and holistic care should be available to clients in a way that fits their individual needs, health goals and lifestyle. We believe massage therapy should be a part of your ongoing health and wellness routine. Massage Intuition Philly is committed to working with clients to customize each massage the
Massage Therapist
Philadelphia, PA 19102
47.3 miles away