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Alternative / Holistic Therapist inMorrisville, PA 19067

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Levent Erdogan
Hi i'm Levent Erdogan and I practice holistic health care. My services include personal training and exercise therapy, NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques), Chiropractic Adjustments and (IASTIM) Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue mobilization. I will discuss all the services that I provide in detail in the following paragraphs, but first I have to tell yo
Alternative Medicine Practitioner
Yardley, PA 19067
0 miles away
Be Freer Than You've Ever Thought Possible!
Ria Swift, Certified in Many Energy Medicines
Mergeone World: Global Healing Network
I look at the energy in and around your body and clear it helping your body, mind, emotions and spirit to return to a healthy, peaceful, expanded state. I help you remove the stored trauma in and around your body that holds you back from all life times, stored ancestral trauma & negative energies. With the help of Light Beings I help you to develop and enhance e
Alternative Therapist / Holistic Healer
Northampt Om, PA 18067
48.6 miles away
Feeling Stuck in Life & Can't Get Ahead? Release the Blocks
& Step Into the Life You Want with EFT & Meridian Tapping
Heidi Garis, M.S.W., NCTMB
Tap Into Abundance Now
My passion is helping my clients create success and abundance in their lives by identifying and removing what stands in the way. Often what hinders us are limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, fears, traumas, a painful past experiences, negative self-worth and feelings that we are undeserving. With cutting edge therapeutic and coaching techniques called EFT & Meridia
Alternative Therapist / Holistic Healer
Sellersville, PA 18960
28.2 miles away