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AAPCSW Reaching Across the Divide: Bringing a Psychoanalytic Sensibility to Culture and Practice.

Start: 11/9/2023
End: 11/12/2023
Location: Chicago, IL 60007
Posted: Fri. Feb 10
Reaching Across the Divide:
Bringing a Psychoanalytic Sensibility to Culture and Practice
At this conference, we will explore what we are experiencing inside and outside our consulting rooms.
“Divisiveness” seems more prominent today than at other times in history. Is it no greater but rather less
hidden today? How are we to hear the other and bridge the gaps that we encounter? From its focus on
internal conflict to the ways in which we understand and face difference, psychoanalytic thinking has
much to say about the topic of divisiveness. Join us as we discuss the theory and therapeutic stance of
responding to divisions, as they relate to the issues that are presented to us in our practices, in our
communities, and in the world.
The Conference Committee invites submissions related to the theme.
Papers may reflect but are not limited to the following:
• Ways to understand seemingly contradictory phenomena.
• The clinical implications of the intersection of the inner and outer worlds, including
race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status,
disability, religion, age, and socio-political phenomena.
• Internal and external psychic turmoil as it emerges in the therapeutic process.
• Trauma and its evolving theories.
• Group, family, or couples therapy
• Social media and its impact on psychoanalytic practice and values.
• Historical perspectives and debates in psychoanalysis.
• Applied psychoanalysis to areas such as politics, economics, and organizations.
• The application of scientific findings and outcome studies -- neuroscience,
technology -- to the clinical work
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