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Looking for Teletherapy for My 16 year old daughter - Blue Shield of CA

Type: Therapy / Counseling
Location: Los Angeles, CA 90049
Description: I found you on the Blue Shield Referral website.

My daughter Madeline is 16 1/2 and is in need of a confiding therapist
to help her with her Teen-Angst years. We believe that she also suffers
from Misophonia which adds to her social problems.

She is 16, extremely bright, accomplished, straight A Student with a
part time job and a lot of long distance friends but very few local
friends. She was bullied in high school and has self-esteem issues,
indecisiveness, and some OCD issues.
Urgency: Within days
Frequency: Regularly scheduled
Posted On: Thursday, March 4, 2021
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