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Seeking Therapy

Urgent therapy for parents of a teen facing felonies for sexual crimes

Type: Therapy / Counseling
Location: Swanton, OH 43558
Description: My husband is more dire need of getting in first but we both need counseling. My husband has severe stress from a VERY verbally/mentally abusive family( he's been working for) and had major trauma from a car accident and can't work, plus has a teen that (was sexually abused by a pier) just perpetrated on his cousin (our niece) and just plead out to 5 felonies. He JUST came out before sentencing but has severe ADHD, Conduct Disorder etc and my husband is at his wits end with knowing how to handle all this stress. Most of this happened in the last 6mths!! My husband's Tourette/tics are back and bad. He's not sleeping well and has a lot of physical problems.
Urgency: Immediately
Frequency: Regularly scheduled
Posted On: Monday, October 11, 2021
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