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Body Mind Balance
FitNox is a New York City based In-Home Personal Training Company founded by ILDIKO BIRO, with New Yorkers in mind.
FitNox is committed to help and inspire You to adopt a healthier lifestyle and improve the quality of Your daily living. It’s a small company with great features in a big city whit a perpetual changing life.
In FitNox every move we design, every advice we give it serves acquiring a balanced body and mind " A Whole Mind in a Whole Body ".
Life is a Marathon that requires appropriate training. Let’s build a biologically new You together.
FitNox will get you into the best shape of your life with an integrated program that will target muscle balance, strength and tone while simultaneously increasing your cardiovascular capabilities.
My name is ILDIKO BIRO and I am an NSCA and NASM certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. I have a background in education and working with children.
My passion for fitness was born out of 29 years of struggle and fight with my weight and lack of energy. By following a resistance and cardio training program, in a year I have lost 50 pounds, and achieved great physical strength and health. Everything I did its science based and result oriented, my training involved a complete life style change, nutritional change and physical exercise.
I have transformed my body to a fat-burning machine, which works for me even when I sleep.
My day-to-day experience shows that a lot of people have the same
weight problem that I used to have, I feel very eager to help people to change their life and health the way I did. My first hand experience makes me believe that hard work and perseverance pays off .My experience working with children has taught me a lot of patience, and my classroom presenting experience as a teacher has helped me learn to present information in a manner that is easily understood.

My philosophy is Body Mind Balancing.

“The body is the visible soul and the soul is the invisible body. The body and soul are not divided anywhere, they are parts of each other, and they are parts of one whole.” OSHO
Practice Areas
 Fitness Training / Exercise Therapy  Personal Training  Rehabilitation
 Lifestyle and Weight Management  Recovery  Seniors Fitness
 Personal Trainer (NASM)  Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA)
American Academy of Personal Training
Other Languages
Hungarian, Romanian