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Take Control of Your Life & Habits with Hypnosis
Stop Smoking, Lose Weight & Relieve Pain & Anxiety
Stop smoking, lose weight and relieve anxiety, pain and medical issues, including IBS, fibromyalgia, arthritis & sciatica! Improve your performance as sports, hobbies, your profession or even your creative endeavors. Change your life through a unique form of hypnosis that is fast, fun, relaxing and amazingly effective . Professional hypnotist Mahesh Grossman, founder of Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management provides interactive hypnosis specifically customized to you. His original approach is so successful, you will find yourself looking for more items to improve in your life after your initial issues have significantly improved.. WARNING: You may become addicted the positive changes you make through these Berkeley Hypnosis sessions.

“I’ve been to other hypnotherapists, but my three sessions with Mahesh were the most successful I’ve ever had. He helped me stop smoking, and to eliminate my sciatica pain and my neuropathy.”
~Maria I, Oakland

“Mahesh, when you told me that my physical pains would go away, I doubted that was possible. My knee– wait, where did it hurt? And my shoulder is virtually pain free. Miracle!”
~ David W, Oakland

“I went to see Mahesh for hypnosis after many years of struggling with an addiction to a specific person. I had tried years of therapy, was medicated by psychiatrists, went to SLAA [twelve-step] meetings, and nothing was working. Despite being a high functioning executive, I had lost friendships, relationships, and jobs because of the addiction and was completely suicidal. I had never tried hypnotherapy before, and walked in with a reasonable dose of skepticism. Mahesh made me feel completely comfortable with the process . . . The impact has been transformational. I had a new clarity and sense of strength that culminated in a calm acceptance. For the first time, I began move on. I couldn’t believe it. I started living my life. It was the beginning of such a profound change in me as a human that I don’t believe I could ever feel suicidal again. My deepest gratitude to you, Mahesh.”
~Sarah C, San Francisco

“I once was a needlephobic diabetic that had to test four times a day and take insulin 4x a day as well. I felt doomed. I was scared of pricking my finger to draw blood. I didn’t follow my doctors instructions and ended up having uncontrollable diabetes. As much as I wanted to get better, I couldn’t bring myself to make a commitment to test and take my shots . . . until I met Mahesh Grossman! He helped me find the root cause of my fear– and to develop a plan that I immediately put to use to successfully test and take my shots. Four years later, because I was diligent in getting my health right, my doctor has reduced my insulin intake.”
~Andrea B, Phoenix, AZ

“I’d been waking up feeling really anxious for the last two years. I was convinced I couldn’t be hypnotized, but Mahesh helped me relax into a hypnotic state rather easily. Our work together, plus the tools Mahesh gave me to use on my own, helped tremendously in reducing my morning anxiety. I also found that I was sleeping better at night.”
~ Marc K., El Cerrito
I’m a clinically certified hypnotherapist on a mission to let the world know how valuable hypnosis is for pain relief—for both physical and emotional pain—as well how it makes a huge difference for many medical conditions.

I got to see the results of hypnosis for pain management first-hand. I mean that literally. As the subject for the pain hypnosis demo during my training, after half an hour the carpal tunnel in my right wrist was gone. It honestly seemed miraculous.

When I started to perform hypnosis on my own, it was my turn to help people get out of pain. I found that there’s something incredibly rewarding from watching a man stand up straight after he came into a session hunched over with back pain, or witnessing a woman climb two flights of stairs without stopping, when the previous week, she had needed a rest break every few steps. It really seemed like magic, so much so that I had to look online to find out what was really happening.

I decided to get more training in hypnosis for pain and medical issues. In addition to my clinical certification from HCH Institute, I studied hypnosis for pain management and for immune disorders with Hypnosis Motivation Institute; medical hypnosis, and hypnosis for IBS with the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute.

And since anxiety often goes along with physical and emotional issues, I took a brilliant course on anxiety management from the U.K.’s Human Givens Institute. To add to the mix, I’ve trained in shamanic energy practices at HCH.

But my greatest skill comes from the more than 30 years of experience I have in personal growth, psychology, spiritual and energy practices. I’ve become comfortable healing places inside myself that most people haven’t touched on in themselves. That comfort seems to affect my clients. When we work together, they seem to feel safer going to places they need to heal in themselves.

Many report that they have had better, deeper experiences with me than with any other practitioner they’ve worked with.

No matter what happens, every session is its own adventure. And most of the time, the results seem like magic.
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Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist by HCH institute of Lafayette, CA, including training in EFT, and bilateral stimulation (like EMDR). Certified in Shamanic Practices by HCH Institute. Anxiety Management by Human Givens Institute in the United Kingdom. Pain Management Hypnosis by HMI. Hakomi and Psychodrama by Harris Clemes.
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Hours:7:30 am - 8 pm m-f, 9 am-1pm sat.
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