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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations
I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist with over 15 years of experience working in private practice and educational environments. Throughout my career, I have become passionate about serving children who are primarily non-speaking or who demonstrate limited verbal communication. It is my professional mission to show others that every child can learn, grow, and communicate!

I provide the following services:

1. AAC:
AAC therapy helps children communicate to meet daily needs, socialize with family and peers, and demonstrate academic knowledge. Using a motor planning based approach to AAC, where we consider and support your child's sensory and motor system, we can help them:

Communicate needs, wants, thoughts, opinions, feelings, and questions
Combine words to form sentences
Advocate for themselves
Actively participate in conversations and social interactions
Repair communication breakdowns when needed

2. Speech therapy:
Speech therapy targets the specific sounds, muscle movements, and speech patterns that your child is having difficulty with. Using a variety of therapeutic cues, we can help your child:

Add new speech sounds to their inventory
Produce age-appropriate sounds correctly
Coordinate the movement between sounds
Speak with confidence

Speech therapy is an effective treatment approach for articulation disorders, phonological disorders, and motor speech disorders such as childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and dysarthria.

3. Language therapy:
Language therapy helps children develop both receptive and expressive language skills in a variety of ways (through sign, AAC, or oral speech). Using evidence-based resources such as the expanding expressions tool, the story grammar marker, and the visualizing and verbalizing program, we can help your child:

Produce new words and know the meaning of words
Understand and follow directions
Ask and answer questions correctly
Comprehend reading passages
Use complete sentences with accurate grammar
Participate in conversations and social interactions

4. Feeding therapy:
Feeding therapy can help ease the stress of children and caregivers at mealtimes. While there may be many reasons for pediatric feeding difficulties, such as sensory processing issues or delayed motor skills development, we can help your child:

Use their oral muscles to move food in their mouth
Coordinate their lips, cheeks, jaw, and tongue for feeding
Chew and swallow safely
Eat a greater variety of foods
Practice Areas/Issues Treated
 Speech / Language / Hearing  Developmental Delays
 Apraxia  Motor Speech Disorders
 Autism Spectrum Disorders  Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
 Child Speech/Language Disorders  Speech Sound Disorders
 ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP)  Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (State)
Certifications and Trainings:
PROMPT certified
Beckman oral motor assessment and intervention certified
LAMP (language acquisition through motor planning) trained
DIR 101: An introduction to DIR and floortime trained
Lindamood Talkies for oral language comprehension and expression
Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

Advanced Courses in:
A new look at behavior: connecting, calming, and coaching
Executive functioning: assessment and intervention
Implementing augmentative and alternative communication in the school setting
Sensory integration: beyond the basics
Social skills for students on the autism spectrum
I believe that communication skills are at the core of success in relationships and life, so I am dedicated to using my knowledge in AAC, motor speech, and feeding approaches to help children develop strong relationships, demonstrate their knowledge, enjoy mealtimes, and successfully interact with their world. Every child deserves a voice.
ASHA certified
Member of International association of orofacial myology
Payments Accepted
Cash, check, grants