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Stuttering And Speech Therapy Services

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Stuttering, speech and language development therapy
Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services offers specialized and focused treatment of stuttering for all ages. In addition to stuttering, speech and language disorders are also treated including speech delay/disorder, apraxia, receptive and expressive language delay/disorder, central auditory processing disorder, and social/pragmatic language.
Stuttering is not a very well known or understood speech disorder. You will learn all about stuttering and how to advocate and become a confident and strong communicator. You will be connected with other people or families who stutter. With extensive experience in all areas listed above, you will be confident that you or your child will receive excellent services.
You will find a caring, open-minded and client-focused approach working with Dana Stewart, MA, CCC-SLP. With over 18 years of experience in the pediatric population, her strength and passion is finding the right approach for each client/family to best tackle the desired goals set as a team with the child (if applicable/old enough), caregiver and therapist.
Prior to starting Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services, Dana worked for 14 years at St. Vincent Pediatric Outpatient Therapies working within a transdisciplinary team of PT's, OT's and ST's instilling a strong level of understanding the whole child and not just the "speech disorder". She mentored a large number of graduate students and clinical fellows guiding them to become strong entry-level speech therapists. Taking this mentorship approach to the clinic, Dana will educate the client/family helping guide them to their greatest level of communication independence!
Over time, stuttering treatment emerged as a passion. This passion has driven Dana to dedicate much of her continuing education to this area and open a clinic that can support those who stutter with the most well-rounded and personal attention as possible. You will find access to many stuttering resources (local and national), confidential and compassionate understanding of the struggles associated with stuttering and meet others who stutter. But most importantly, you will gain confidence to be your best self as a person who stutters!
Practice Areas
 Speech / Language / Hearing  Developmental Delays  Selective Mutism
 Adult Speech/Language Disorders  Language-Based Learning Disabilities  Speech Sound Disorders
 Apraxia  Learning Disabilities  Stuttering
 Autism Spectrum Disorders  Mental Health and Speech Issues  Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke
 Child Speech/Language Disorders  Motor Speech Disorders
 ASHA Certified Audiologist (CCC-A)  ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP)
 Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (State)
Master of Arts in Speech and Language Therapy, earned in 2002 from Indiana University
Bachelor of Arts in both Speech, Language, Audiology Sciences and Psychology, earned in 2000 from Indiana University
Member of American Speech Language and Audiology Association (ASHA)
-Member of ASHA Special Interest Group: Fluency
Indiana Speech Language Pathology Professional License
License:ASHA, IN professional license