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Janet Niederman, Ph.D.

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Bringing Heart & Mind into Alignment to be your True Self
~ Therapy for Depression | Anxiety | Adult ADHD ~
You've gradually come to realize that you just have not been feeling yourself - whether it's the lack of energy, the terrible mood, or the bundle of nerves. It's been a few weeks, or even a few years, and all the things you've tried in order to lift yourself out of this slump haven't worked. You've found that turning to friends may help for the moment, but it's only temporary. It's time to take your emotional pain seriously enough to ask for the help you need and deserve.

DEPRESSION is real; ANXIETY in all its many forms is real too. You're seeking a therapist who will begin by creating a safe place for you to express your feelings and your thoughts without being judged. You want the true issues you're struggling with to emerge and be understood. You want your therapist to "get" what your daily life feels like, and to be able to connect the dots about who and what made you who you are. Beyond that, you want her to have the expertise to know how to allow you to feel more deeply, to encourage you to explore thoughts that were set in stone long ago in order to get somewhere new, to have the skill to let your fears leave your nervous system, and the capacity to recognize the authentic you. You want to shed the depressed and anxious symptoms you walked in with, and to complete this therapy experience being empowered in new ways you haven't yet imagined.

Please know that as a therapist, my energy is always balanced between the importance of deep inner change along with developing enhanced skill to act in the real world. For this reason, I have also devoted time to learning how to best help people who have Adult ADHD. Such folks need to meet so many challenges -- at work or school and at home with parents, partners and kids. It's my honor to be of service to individuals with these issues too.
I believe I'm a therapist who can offer you what you seek. I've worked with clients for the past 35 years, responding to the wide range of issues that the human condition brings. I received my Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin and shortly after that moved to California, where I became licensed to practice in 1985. I've worked with persons from many cultures and backgrounds from age 18 to 65, specializing in Depression, Anxiety, and Adult ADHD.

Begin the journey to becoming a more free you, able to move about your world and the people in it with greater ease and skill. I look forward to working with you.
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 Counseling / Therapy  Gay or Lesbian Issues  Online / Phone / Skype Therapy
 Anxiety and Panic  Grief and Loss  Relationship Issues
 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)  Life Transitions  Self Esteem Issues
 Bicultural Difficulties  Loneliness  Women's Issues
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 Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.)  Licensed Psychologist
 Member, American Psychological Association (APA)
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Credit cards accepted. PPO insurance - out-of-network only. Superbills provided.
Hours:Weekdays by appointment only
License:Licensed Psychologist - CA PSY9080
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