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Eating Disorder Recovery for Women

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Adult Women Face Different Recovery Challenges Than Teens
You Can Live a Better Life in Freedom
My Los Angeles private practice is dedicated to women wanting freedom from their eating disorder. I work with women with eating disorders and with adults who love a woman with an eating disorder. Author: Healing Your Hungry Heart.

Making your appointment

During that conversation you and I will determine if an in-person appointment seems like the best next step for you. If it is not, then I will do my best to refer you to the kind of treatment you both decide is in your best interest.

If you do meet with me for a face to face appointment you will fill out required legal forms such as HIPPA, informed consent, basic client information, etc. which takes about five to eight minutes. Then you and I will talk.

Often many powerful feelings come up quickly in that first meeting. I will give you emotional room to feel what you feel and time to share whatever you are willing to talk about.

You will feel what it's like to be in a room with me. You will know if I seem to understand your situation and can be with you as you feel what you feel. You will know if I seem to know something and might be able to accompany you and support you on your recovery journey.

You may feel rigid. You may feel sad or angry. You may feel relief and hope. You may feel all these things. If you do, and you're willing and I believe that I may be able to help you and work with you, then you will make another appointment.

At that point we are building a relationship and a healing bond that supports your steps toward a more free life.

Making an appointment for someone you love

Mothers, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters call me to make appointments for the woman they care about who has an eating disorder.

These people love and are worried about the suffering person. They may be looking for ways to convince their loved one to go into treatment. They may be helping that person by doing some scouting to find out what may be available in terms of treatment, and during their research they found me.

However, only the person who will actually be in treatment can make the appointment.

Adults with eating disorders can be resistant to getting help, and an adult cannot be forced into treatment. If you are trying to help someone who is unwilling to move toward recovery work, then I will suggest various kinds of support and perhaps therapy that might be helpful to you.

If you are doing scout work for a person who is willing to go into treatment then I will have a conversation, sometimes quite lengthy, with you. I'll answer your questions and offer information that seems relevant for the situation you describe.

The conversation can be lengthy because I will tell you that if the woman makes an appointment with me, this is the last conversation you and I will have. Once an adult makes an appointment with me I become that person's psychotherapist exclusively. I will refer family members to other clinicians if needed.

For deep and effective work between my client and I to unfold, the client must know that what she says and feels is private, that the space is hers, that I will honor and safeguard boundaries and that the she doesn't have to share or reveal anything to anyone unless she so chooses.

If you are calling for someone else I know you are suffering. I know you are probably in a delicate situation and are doing your best to encourage your loved one to get help without offending her. You want to find the best person possible who can help her, and you don't know who might be. You call me with hope and courage.

I respect you for reaching out on your loved one's behalf. I will be as sensitive and straightforward with you as I can be.
My practice began in 1980. Over the years I've developed an eclectic style that draws on CBT, psychoanalysis, dream work, journaling and mindful practices that contribute to the complex needs of a woman in recovery from an eating disorder. I am the author of, Healing Your Hungry Heart, a self help book for women striving for recovery from their eating disorder.

This is my video interview for the Psychology of Eating Conference created by Marc David, founder of the Psychology of Eating Institute.

You'll see the links when you click on the video. You'll also get a glimpse at my consulting room. :) You will hear my personal story and my treatment philosophy.

Marc was a terrific interviewer. He drew me out and allowed me the freedom to say on camera what I feel is important for people to know and hear first hand about eating disorders, personal development, what treatment feels like and what recovery can look like.

I felt good about this interview and hope you gain value from it. At times it's very personal, but eating disorders and the journey to recovery is personal. The exchange with your clinician has to be personal and caring so you can tolerate the hard times together.

Please ask any questions and share any thoughts you may have about what comes up for you as you watch and listen.

Warm regards,

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