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Emotional Coaching is a foundation for life. It works with your psychology through creativity.

It is a process that enables you to identify your feelings and use them positively - and to identify and expand your creativity. It is about personal growth and self-expression.

Emotional Coaching uses acting, breathing, sound, physical exercises and psychodrama to experience your feelings - to channel them into your work and into your life productively. Through this process, you learn to reframe the negative aspects of your history and let go of the emotional blocks that interfere with leading a happy, gratifying and successful life.

Emotional Coaching specializes in working with Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Artists of all kinds, and People who want to discover and manifest their creative abilities.

Transformational Hypnosis is also available.

'When a person gets in touch with their creativity, and they're able to express and manifest it, they are inspired and empowered. This carries over into every aspect of life.'
Emotional Coaching was created by Linda Perhach in 1985. As a member of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), AEA (Actors' Equity Association), and AGVA (The American Guild of Variety Artists), she spent many years as a Professional Dancer, Singer and Actor working on Broadway, and in Television, Film and Theatre.

She majored in Psychology and Film Production at City University in New York. She is a Certified Transformational Hypnotist and a Neuro Design Engineering Strategist. Her background in psychology, as well as her theatrical experience, brought Emotional Coaching into being. Its purpose is to expand consciousness - to discover and embrace your authentic and creative self.
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 Certified Hypnotherapist
Psychology and Film Production - City University

Studied dance, singing, and acting extensively in New York City

Certified Transformational Hypnotist and Neuro Design Engineering Strategist
SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)

AEA (Actors' Equity Association)

AGVA (The American Guild of Variety Artists)
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