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First Avenue Counseling Center

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First Avenue Counseling Center
First Avenue Counseling Centre (FACC) is a non-profit agency dedicated to providing low-fee counseling services to San Diego families. We began in 2002, shortly after another local counseling agency had closed its doors, leaving a significant need for these services in the community we love. In addition to offering individual, couple, and family counseling, we also offer groups focusing on relationship counseling and anger management.

Low-Cost Individual Counseling

Problems in work, relationships and family happen to all of us. The counselors at First Avenue Counseling Centre are trained to help.Perhaps you're struggling with decisions about a relationship. Maybe work is not as satisfying to you as you would like it to be. You may be struggling with the loss of a loved one. Whatever you're going through, having a therapist to guide you through it can make the journey a bit easier to handle. While a therapist can not solve your problems for you, he or she can be a caring guide through dark times.

Couples Counseling (Relationship Counseling)

Romantic relationships are never easy. Our partners see us at our strongest, as well as at our most vulnerable. One of life's greatest challenges can be keeping a relationship together through rough waters. The counselors at First Avenue Counseling Centre are trained to help.Problems of trust, power, intimacy, raising children--these are all common in relationships, and counseling can help resolve them. Coming to counseling by itself is a powerful statement. It is a testament to how much you want your relationship to work, and how willing you are to do what it takes to make it happen. An openness to discussing your problems and a commitment to taking action are great first steps to successful couple therapy.

When working with couples, we frequently use co-therapy as a means to balance the session. For example, when seeing a heterosexual couple, we usually will have one male and one female therapist present. This way we ensure everyone will be fully understood, even in experiences truly unique to their gender.
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